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Facebook for a 13 year old, problem, help?

My cousin, who is 13 years old, signed up for facebook. and she doesn't know which high school she is going to so I signed her up under a kinda random school, but in the region where she lives. so she is in the location region network, but it keeps threatening to disable her account if her friends don't confirm that she is in the high school network she joined (and she doesn't have any friends from that high school)

I didn't know they make you join a high school/college/other network now, 'cause apparently the region network isn't enough. So what do I do? she doesn't know what to do, and doesn't want her account disabled? what happens if her account get's disabled?

Facebook for a 13 year old, problem, help?
you can use only a region. i joined my city and not my school to start with, but my advice would be (if you dont wnat to start a new account) would be to set all privacy settings on tight and ask a random person who looks nice from that school to be your friend. when they confrim, you can delete them and restore normal privacy settings

personally, a 13 year old shouldnt even be on facebook, theres a reason why they dont hae elementary school listed on the networks, wait until shes actualyl in high school and until she acctually knnows some ppl in hihg school, and waitt till shes a bit older...
Reply:you can deactivate the account until she reaches high school dont worry the account will still be there you just need to get the conformation email to activate it again
Reply:why dont u deactivate it and then sign her up on your school.... thats wut i would do

Should i make up a fake facebook boyfriend?

i look on facebook and see that my ubernerdy friends from my all-girls highschool have "relationships" now in college. thats not fair at all!!!!!! none of us had boyfriendss in hs, and honestly if i am the last one to get one.......... im going to just die.

they already act like they pity me when we get together over breaks.

Should i make up a fake facebook boyfriend?
Don't you dare make up a boyfriend! Ask me, and anyway, if you say you are taken and you aren't whoever wants will think you aren't available and will find someone else. If your friends find out they'll think you are desperate and a liar. Is a fake guy worth your friendship?(everything has it's own time)
Reply:It's not a race, relax. Having an immaginary boyfriend is much more worth the pity you're afraid of than not having one at all. don't lower yourself to that. And hey, what if someone at your school is interested in you and looks at your facebook and sees you "in a relationship" they might not ask you out because they think you're taken

who knows... maybe they all made thiers up too!
Reply:that is dumb..

don't fake anything

cause somehow they will find out your lieing and you will feel really stupid for making it up
Reply:So basically you want to make yourself seem like more of a loser by making up a boyfriend? They will know that he was made up when none of them have ever heard of him or met him.
Reply:You're acting like you are still in HS...

Yeah, make one up. Your "UBERNERDY" friends will really pitty you when the truth comes out, lol...
Reply:You'd pity yourself if you were trying to pull one over on them...don't make up a lie you'll get caught and you'll end up getting hurt in the will your friends...they'd feel even more bad for just tell them not to treat you differently b/c you don't have a bf and don't let them when they do...stand up for yourself...and don't get sad around them when they are with their bfs be your normal happy go lucky self....briming with self confidence....before you know it you'll have somebody...and don't go looking for someone either they won't be worth it....wait!
Reply:i am sitting in the exact same boat with you. my friends are in relationships, getting engaged, getting married. don't do it. you don't have to list yourself as single, but do not say you are in a relationship. relax. it'll come when it comes. i know this is hard to believe, but it will. for the mean time, relish being single. relish not having to consult someone else when you make decisions. relish the spontaneity, and get a copy of bridget jones's diary. buenos suertes! ;)
Reply:nah don't fake it! Own up to being single and enjoy it, and when they say something about how great their relationship is, you can just mention how Awesome it is to not be tied down to anyone and free to do what you want.
Reply:Imagine this - you make up a fake boyfriend and they find out about it. How much pity would you be getting then? Not to mention, making a boyfriend up - will only lead to more questions: what's he like, where's he live, job, etc. You're better off just waiting for Mr. Right. Just be patient, he's out there somewhere.

ETA: Even putting "in a relationship" will lead to questions. If these are your friends, they are going to want to know about who you're seeing. That starts the whole Lies lead to more Lies cycle.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I know what it's like to be the only one who's not in a relationship, but like someone else mentioned - enjoying be single! In fact, a good book - Single, Sassy, and Satisfied. You should be able to find it on Amazon. I read it after my divorce and started getting feeling lonely and depressed.
Reply:There's nothing wrong with being single.

Heck, you don't know what kind of boyfriends they have anyway.

Are you sure their situation is better than yours?

Don't let having or not having a man say anything about you.
Reply:no that would be vry lame. If they start bugging you about your single status, tell them you don't want to date serious yet, you perfer to have guy friends without the strings.
Reply:dont make one up.. tell them ur prince is somewhere, hes just too stubborn to ask for directions :)

Facebook problem! Help please.?

I have had facebook for ages now. And have so many photo albums shared with friends. But this problem happened a few months ago. Everytime I upload an album, it processes the photos and everything goes fine, when it reaches the uploading phase of the upload bar, it stops and a message saying 'Upload failed' pops up.

A few months ago I tried to reinstall Java, and it worked just fine after that. It happened again now. And I reinstalled Java but the problem wasn't solved.

I think it might have something to do with being on the college internet network. Although bearing in mind that I have uploaded photos before using this network before.


Facebook problem! Help please.?
The java method doesnt work for me, theres somthing called the manual upoloader or the simple uploader, where you do the select the image idividually and can upload 5 at a time, takes bit longer but works for moi

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What's your favorite part of the community site?

College/university students probably know what site I'm talking about. Just which part of the do you like the best?

What's your favorite part of the community site?
I like the pictures! It is fun seeing what your friends from other schools are up to...
Reply:I can talk to Ali Mann!!!! Report It

Poll on College behavior: Do any other college students choose to NOT drink?

Or, if you aren't in college but you used to be, did you choose not to drink?

I'm a sophomore in college and it really seems like 95% of the student body here all love to get wasted on the weekends. I was just looking around at some photo albums on Facebook and nearly every single picture has someone with a beer in their hands.

I don't really care if people drink, but I was just curious if there was anyone like me out there who chooses not to drink. I just think that I can have a good time without the influence of alcohol. I don't smoke or have sex either. I hate the way some people think I'm weird because I don't live life like a "normal college kid" would. Sorry if not drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and all that makes me weird.

Anyone else feel the same?

Poll on College behavior: Do any other college students choose to NOT drink?
I'm on my 3rd semester in college. I am a straight A student and I can honestly say that if I were doing the partying that my friends are I'd be dropped out by now. I don't mind kicking back with a few cold drinks once in a while when there's no midterms, no assignments due, when I can afford to have a fun time but for the most part, I won't do it.

I choose not to drink because I saw what happened to my brother in college. Too much partying, too much sex with random girls and now he's a father with only half a college education. He's doing good for himself but I do not want to be a repeat of that.

I can't say I don't have sex. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and we live together but I don't smoke, I don't sleep around and I don't do drugs.

I have friends always on my butt saying I'm not fun...well I had fun back in high school. College is my grown up time to get my life going.
Reply:No I don't drink, I can't even if I wanted too. I'm underage. The pressure of drinking is tough but I have to to stay true to myself and not drink.
Reply:nope I drank
Reply:I'm with you. I don't drink or smoke either. I pretty much keep to myself.
Reply:I know. When I get to college, I'm not doing any of that because you don't need them to have a fun time. They will just ruin your college years.
Reply:I didn't drink...didn't interest me then, doesn't interest me now. I had to work through college and work at college; i didn't get the free parental ride like most of them did.

It seems like that's all college is about anymore. Sad to think this is the future of our country!
Reply:Yes, there are some. When I was in college, I had a friend that did not drink. But as far me, I drank a good amount in college.
Reply:I know how you feel. But yeah never was much of a drinker.
Reply:i'm the same way

Should I get a Facebook?

I have always hated MySpace, and I would never get one. But I am going to college next year and kind of would like to meet some people that are going to my school before I get there, and I have checked and many of them have a Facebook. I easily get addicted to these kinds of things (look what I'm doing right now) and don't want to waste alot of my time which I have done with these things before. Is it worth it for me to get one, or will I get sucked into it and ruin my life?

Should I get a Facebook?
go with facebook
Reply:if u easily get addicted then. NO! unless you can control yourself like going on it only 1 a day. But if you think you will trully be addicted then no way.
Reply:Facebook is a really great way of meeting people and staying in touch with them. It's really useful, but I will admit that you do get sucked into checking almost every day, but I would definently reccomend getting one.
Reply:i absolutely love the face! and its a great way to meet new people
Reply:Wait till you get the schools email address. That way you can be in your college group.
Reply:Facebook is an amazing way to stay in touch with old friends and to make new ones. I really think you should get one..almost everyone in college has one...seriously...I don't know anyone that doesn't have one. It probably will get a little addicting...I mean I am totally addicted to it..haha, but it hasn't ruined my Now myspace, however...yeah that isn't too great, I have one, but I don't hardly ever get on yeah, I would definitely go with facebook if you got anything.
Reply:Facebook started out as way for people in college to connect to friends and other peers in college, its more classy then myspace yet its starting to decline alittle with all the marketing crap thats been added, i would go with it though

What do you think about facebook?

Facebook can be nice, you can keep in touch with friends while you are away at college, etc. But I feel like it's not always as simple as it should be. Does anyone else feel like people manipulate certain information(relationship especially) and prune their facebooks(picture especially)? It's kind of like advertising yourself.

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